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DJ Duo Diamonds Interview (Bangladesh Tour Exclusive)

An exclusive interview with electronic music dj/producer Duo Diamonds. They have recently performed at Dhaka, Bangladesh. Lets find out what they has to say in the interview below.

1) Why the name Duo Diamonds?
– We believe in power of energy. Strong words evoke the same actions and results. This is on energy level.

2) How was the Stylematic party?
– It’s very nice to see when the people fully support our music and our show. It’s was like a little festival, when everybody rock, dance, jump and share their love with us. We was happy to play here. We made there a lot of selfie (хо-хо-хо)

3) How was Bangladesh? Did it live up to your expectations?
-We have played in many countries and we have discovered something new and useful in each country. We don’t expected what Bangladesh have very friendly people, tasty kitchen and nice partys. But your weather for us is very hot.

4) Who were some of your influences when you started DJ-ing? And what keeps you motivated?
– Everything started with the casting on Duo Diamonds project and since then we’ve been together. During that casting we got the idea of trying ourselves as djs. The first thing we did was our studying mixing at dj school. We were lucky and very happy because we think that artist is one of the most exciting professions in the world.

That time we understood a little and often made mistakes. It is very funny to recall them now, but we would not like to change anything. Because without past we couldn’t get where we are now.
We’ve learnt a lot but we still have been studying. We have a teacher, a very cool guy, who teaches us how to write music, make drums part, make loops, use synthesizer and work with vocal. He also explains how to avoid conflicts and find harmony.

5) What is the best/worst part of being deejay?
– It is not just a job for us, it’s our lifestyle. All our life, each day is linked with what we do. We go to sleep and wake up with thoughts about music, lyrics and our future gigs. All our plans and dreams are connected with our work. We love what we do. We are keen on mixing and dancing. We enjoy travelling, meeting new people, learning different cultures, trying national cuisine and going shopping. I repeat, it is amazing to be an artist.

6) How would you define your “style” during a stage performance?
– We love EDM this style make us jump. We go crazy on tne dancefloor when we hear a hard kick.

7) What were the most memorable (мемребл) nights? And why?
– It was Ibiza. We had a great time there. After our set at the Blue Marlin, we went to Ushuaia where AVICII was playing . After his show we went to the Privilage Club. We had fun all night till the early morning and as a resualt overslept our flight to Kiev.

We’ll remember those gigs. It was like another world, where you forget everything, only music and happy people surround you.

8) Tell us something about your new track #GoAwayMelancholy.
– We have been seaching for our style for a long time and we’ve collected a great number of ideas and demos. We think that many of them will remain unfinished but they are all the steps which helped us to find ourselves. We love singing and writing lirycs and music to our tracks. When the words perfectly fit the music it always gives us unforgettable feelings. We love our track #GoAwayMelancholy on this track we share with people our philosophy. Release date: 26.05 on the lable Musical Madness. On Monday we will release official video for this track. Can’t wait.

9) How is your relationship with family ? Do they support your career choice?
-We get on well with each other. We respect each other’s interests and spend time together with great pleasure. Our parents watching follow our career with great interest and they fully support our choice.

10) How do you work together? Do you quarrel?
– We are very comfortable working together. We are very aware of each other. We have controversy between us, but no more. We have a common dream. DJing has led us to high goals and inspired our ambitions.

11) What is your last message or shoutout to groovebd.com readers before we end this interview?
Never give up, no matter how difficult it was. Wins only one who believes in his dream. All people are equal in the world, and all deserve happiness. Thank you for being with us.