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About Us

GROOVEBD is the de facto Bangladeshi DJ Directory. All international DJs performing here will have their profile posted on World DJ Directory. New DJs who are not yet listed in GROOVEBD can now submit their profile & biography by through email·.


Not long before, did a few like-minded people bound together, with common passion called “MUSIC” came together to create an exemplary and magnificent platform called “GROOVEBD” for all the talented underground Producers / DJs irrespective of their style or genre. This platform went on to gain love, respect, popularity and support from all the sections of the music lovers and artists combined, be it Bangladeshi or International, in just a matter of few months.


Carrying on the legacy, we are proud to introduce our official website for all the talented artists whose work describes the definition of “HIGH QUALITY”. Yes, “GROOVEBD” is more inclined towards High Quality music rather than Bulk or Quantity. We are here to promote only top-notch music, “providing artists with immense opportunities rather than just propagating our own brand name” being our sole motto. Through our official site, we will be delivering the best of both Bangladeshi and International work by the immensely talented artists across globe.


And YES! We are not genre biased. Be it our own Bangla or international EDM or rock, we promote everything. Why? Because we love all. We’ll deliver everything from artists’ album to compilation albums, singles to sets, mix-tapes to podcasts! You name it, we provide it !


We provide our clubbers :-

– Listings of Local & Global Deejays
– Best of Bangla Remixes
– Best of International Dance Music
– Upcoming Event Updates around Bangladesh


For our members – Our another goal is to bring you current and comprehensive nightlife information. We will continue to evolve and advance our technology to keep the website fast, the features cutting edge, and the information entertaining. Most importantly, we are here because you are here. We will listen closely to your feedback to refine this website based on what you have to say.